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Ocala Best endorses Bobby D, Robert Dobkowski for Marion County School Board, and David Moore for Marion County Commission.

New Cornor Market leads economic recovery from the Belleview connection with The Villages.  Quality of Life is improving across Marion County.

Let's Go Surf'in now, Everybody Surf'in!  Lake Weir National Wake Surfing Championships!


Let's Go Surf'in !  Everybody's Surf'in! 

Silver Springs Alliance of Save Silver Springs and Springs Protection Select the Point Source causing the most "Slime" as 

Green Alert:

Kanapaha Sewer Plant of Gainesville Utilities appears to#1 source of Slime Causing pollution from their 10 million gallon daily discharge into the drinking water.  Many Water Rally goers were not even aware of the daily spill coming from Gainesville.

Data from many sources shows the increase of Nitrates at both Rainbow and Silver Springs in perfect timing with the little known discharge with casing at the approximate 200' level.   From around 200 feet to 1000 feet, sewer effluent spills into our aquifer daily.

10 Million Gallons every day is now having an impact some are calling unacceptable "Slime". 



Senator Graham attended and spoke during the Water Rally at Silver Springs State Park and may be influncial as a new key to stopping the discharge from Ocala and Gainesville Utilities directly into Silver and Rainbow Springs.  While his comments were more broad his urging citizens to get involved set the stage for some of the newest solution ideas about water quality and quantity concerns.  Central Florida Public Policy survey pointed out an under current cunsurn about utility drainage wells, and direct discharge to the aquifer by utilities such as Gainesville's Kanapaha Sewer Plant.  "Slime" is showing up at rivers, lakes and springs as a result of the high nutrient dumping to save operational costs for utilities.  It appears that Adena Springs Cattle Operation could be the solution to getting rid of high nutrient water in the millions of gallons daily coming from Alachua Storm-water and Sewer Effluent problem. 
Many consider Kanapaha Sewer Discharge to the Aquifer cased at under 200' as a Spill on a daily basis now in its second decade.   Even environmentalist from the Gainesville area are expressing concern about what they term "Slime".
Tea shirts addressing the resulting slime caused by this high nitrate spill were seemingly every where. 

Gainesville Utilities asked to stop polluting.
The number one point sources are thought to be Ocala and Gainesville Utilities.

Springs Water on the way to the ocean targeted to be put back into the aquifer as Beneficial Recharge.  Citizens to Benefit. 
Adena Cattle Jobs may be the answer to Gainesville Sewer Discharge 20 year pollution problem. 
Silver Springs has been the end of the sewer line for Gainesville Utilities and Ocala Utilities
Alachua Sink and 20 plus drainage wells use underground "limestone pipeline" to transfer high nutrients to Silver and Rainbow Springs. 
Saturday June 23, 2012
"Funny Science" by Dr. Scienceman and HT Odum may be contributing to cover-up of Kanapaha Point Source Pollution.  "Emengy" appears to some to be a made up word to cause confusion. 
Must read: Profit from the Economic Downturn to subsistance farming theorys by Otum.
Make a Difference!  Kanapaha Sewer Treatment Plant Discharge may be stopped.
10 Million Gallons Daily discharged daily may be used environmentally to grow grass for the Adena Cattle Operation.
Environmental Experts are gathering to stop the City of Ocala Drainage Wells from dumping directly into Silver Springs. 

Senator Lee Constantine from the Ocala area is an expert on the Orlando Utilities discharge of 50 million gallons of processed sewer effluent daily in rapid drainage wells adding to direct shallow dumping into Wekiva Springs.  Focus comes off normal citizens and farmers.
Back when Constantine was a Senator he worked with Marion County Environmental experts in efforts that resulted in a new focus on Utility Pollution that finally resulted in a reduction of funding for programs that blamed farmers and normal citizens.  Kanapaha Sewer Plant may finally be stopped from dumping into drinking water that feeds Silver and Rainbow Springs. 

Governor Scott works to clean up Silver Springs.
Kanapaha Sewer Effluent may be answer to Adena Cattle Operation.

Speakers Bob Knight and John Morran gave enthusiastic talks that may cause a new focus on Point Source Pollution.  Both asked the audience to become involved in the task of exposing pollution to our springs.  Discussions after the day long event seemed to focus on the Slime showing up and radiating out from Gainesville.  Both Moran and Knight are from Gainesville and may be in a position to stop the 10 million gallons of processed sewer effluent coming from their area impacting our lakes, streams and springs.
Many Gainesville experts including Social Downturn Author HT Odum missed the point source pollution by Ocala and Gainesville Utilities. 
Water Czar takes aim at Gainesville Pollution. 
Senator Deanand other leading legislators take aim at Utility Pollution from Gainesville.
10 million gallons a day is too much for Our TDML program for our springs. 
Drinking water health issues are examined at meeting to save Silver Springs

One of the Best Visit Destinations in Florida is the Bear Archery ProShop and the McPherson Archery ProShop both in Central Florida.

 Don Browning Archery presents Fun at the Range.  See Archery in Central Florida in The Marion Sun Times and The Villages News.

Browning's List Editor Don Browning makes a trip to the Fred Bear Archery facility in Gainesville Florida.
When you are traveling down I 75 in Central Florida, Watch for the Alachua land mark Fred Bear Archery Factory.  Visit the ProShop and take a look around.  We did and were treated to a unique Sporting Experience.

Jeff, JD and Ray bring country music to some fun in Alachua.
Then we stop in at McPherson's Pro Archery Shop in
McPherson's Archery & Outdoor Pro Shop is a new shop in the Inverness, Lecanto area to get all your fishing and hunting gear. We specialize in archery and apparel. We even have an indoor archery range and a drive thru bait shop. Come check it out. 

Mayor Christine Dobkowski sets Economic Action Plans for Belleview Florida.

Great venue the Castro Farm deep in Marion County Horse Country.
Discover Marion County videoworks 

Economic Action Leader of the Year, Jimmy Leeward

Developer of the CP-35, Sunshine Lane Industrial Parks, and the Leeward Air Ranch

Among many other Economic Development Promotions.  

Without Jimmy Leeward, tourism, and Economic Development would never be the same in Central Florida.

Aircraft arrive from around the United States of America, multiple times each year to visit Marion County and Visit the Leeward Air Ranch

Just south of Ocala

All About Art 

Just north of The Villages on 441 in Belleview.  

Sit back and enjoy a sampling of All About Art  Discover Marion County.

South of Ocala in Thriving Belleview. EcoDevelopment in the Billion Gallon Conservation Group

State Representative Charles Van Zant 
Florida House of Representatives, District 21 Marion County At the Home of
Doctors Riadh & Manal Fakhoury hold reception for Charles Van Zant



Sit back and enjoy a little bit of Iconic Art by Marion County photographer Don Browning. 

Just in: Herman Cain kicks off road to his Atlanta announcement with a strong political meeting with a few hundred of his best political friends in the Villages.  

US Congressional Candidate Ted Yoho gains strong Republican support over rival Cliff Stearns.

Just in:  World Renowned Artist, Mary Verrandeaux to open the a Marion County Art Gallery in Ocala.
Ocala CaCo3  Limestone base and the natural Aquifers of Central Florida, combine to produce the finest Horse Farm venue in the world, as well as the finest mineral water world wide.  Ocala Cool is recognized by EDC Florida as the Environmental Asset best demonstrating Central Florida Natural Treasures.  Artesian Spring Water bubbles naturally from deep in the earth flowing to the world in Marion County Florida.  

World Class Artist to open Marion County Gallery.
Studio 9 - Fine Art Gallery by Mary Verrandeaux and Jessi Miller to open in Ocala Florida.

New EDC Marion County Hall of Fame Honoree.  

In the Heart of Florida, Ocala is central to a vibrant Marion County.
EDC Marion County, the head quarters for Economic Action.

Discover Marion County, leave the cold and bring your camera to Marion County.  Don't be a stranger!

Visit Gallery 9 and meet Mary Varrandeaux, World Class Artist.



The Ocala Arabian Horse Association, a non-profit organization, was formed in 1994 to encourage and promote interest in the Arabian horse through educational programs, publicity and horse shows. 
Our membership includes a wide variety of Arabian enthusiasts: from breeders to nationally known farms and trainers, to those who simply enjoy the pleasure of owning an Arabian horse. Our membership would total over a thousand years of experience with this wonderful breed.
The Ocala Arabian Horse Association is an incredible asset to Marion County

Ocala C C . Com


2nd Annual Picnic Golf Tournament


Point of Contact: Gera Judge

Make checks payable to: VFW Retirement Home 13005 NE 135th St. Fort McCoy, FL 32134

For Information Call 352-236-0823

2nd Annual Department of FL VFW Retirement Home’s  Veterans Horse Festival
Saturday, March 5, 2011 from Was a giant success.
Visit the VFW Retirement Home and honor the veterans. 
Location:  13005 NE 135th Street, Fort McCoy, FL  32134.
For information call 352-236-0823


Horses and Riders from VFW Ft McCoy 2010.

Central Florida images  of Wildlife,  Arts  and Culture in Modern Marion County.


Iconic images of Marion County.  Come Join the Fun! 



VFW Retirement Home in Ft McCoy, Marion County Florida.  Christmas with the Veterans, hosted by Chip Morris and Al Lugo



Bring your Camera!  You will have a chance to photograph Real Florida

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